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As well as being a keynote speaker, Anna is also a business owner, coach and consultant.

When she retired from the world of elite sport, she founded Beyond the Barriers, a high-performance training consultancy dedicated to improving the performance and resilience of individuals and teams in challenging environments.

About Beyond The Barriers

The Beyond the Barriers team is made up of a range of experts – from Olympic athletes to performance psychologists and wellbeing professionals. We are all leading specialists in our fields. We help bring a valuable and inspiring perspective to the workplace, and we all have relevant personal and practical experiences to draw on and share. This is what makes us different.

Drawing on the lessons from sport, Beyond the Barriers helps individuals and teams to stay on top of their game by developing the winning mindset. The difference between a truly exceptional performer and an average performer is not talent – it is the way that talent is applied.

Anna at Beyond the Barriers

Anna uses her experiences in sport, as a businesswoman and Company Director along with the latest science and research to give people the tools to achieve outstanding performance and gain a competitive edge.

She is an excellent workshop facilitator, trainer and performance coach and works with her team to deliver training and coaching with immediate impact to companies of every size.

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Bespoke Corporate Programmes

The right solution, every time.

We build programmes that are tailored to the culture and needs of your business and people; from 12 month long programmes to masterclasses and 1-2-1 coaching. We promise to deliver a high impact programme personalised for you.

Whether it is centred on high-performance or resilience, or one of the signature masterclasses which are proven to engage, inspire and deliver sustainable results.

Anna's Zoom Call

All our programmes are built on the 3 pillars of high-performance:

1. Inspiring Leadership – We teach, and help you build, strategies for high impact leaders and show you how to create a high-performance environment.

2. High Performing Teams – You’ll learn the foundation and characteristics of high performing teams, and how to develop and sustain them.

3. Resilience – Discover the tools to build the resilience needed to sustain high performance in the face of constant demands and pressure.

“Beyond the Barriers’ training programmes are absolutely first class, the team are fantastic and have been incredibly effective facilitators. Added to this they have worked extremely hard to get to know us and re-code their language to resonate with our audience which makes such a big difference. I would recommend Beyond the Barriers to anyone!”

Nick Faith, Training and Development Manager,
Overbury & Morgan Lovell

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“We really valued your input and expertise in designing and delivering this Resilience Programme, it’s been a brilliant success and the feedback has been excellent. Our people have come away feeling empowered, with restored confidence and a collection of tools and techniques to help them thrive during this difficult time.”

Francesca Pingarelli,
Head of Workforce Design and Development,
NHS Dorset ICS

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“Beyond the Barriers spent time understanding our culture and environment and consequently the leadership programme was really well received. Managers have transformed into leaders, their confidence has grown, they’re taking accountability and most importantly applying what they learnt. It’s been a huge success.”

Ian Woodward, Group HR Director,
Caesars Entertainment EMEA

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