Investing in Business Coaching means investing in yourself and your business. Whether your company is scaling up, or you feel you’ve reached a plateau, working with a Business Coach can make a significant impact on your performance and that of the business by developing clarity of direction, confidence and leadership presence.

My objective is to help you achieve outstanding results and return on your coaching investment. As a Business Coach I support and challenge, I help clients overcome obstacles by guiding them towards their own solutions, and hold them accountable for taking action.

Clients will typically work with me when they are challenged with:

  • A business that is stuck and not growing
  • Feeling like they are married to their business and working all hours
  • Lack of clarity, direction and purpose

Others might feel that they are already performing well but they want to be exceptional. I help business owners:

  • Create engaged, motivated and high-performing teams
  • Communicate confidently, with honesty and integrity to build trusting relationships
  • Identify and embed strengths and work on areas of development
  • Build resilience to thrive personally and professionally
  • Let go and build a business that thrives whether they are there or not
  • Create space to think through problems and find solutions

Tailored to suit your individual needs

My Approach:

My coaching programmes are typically blocks of 6 x 2hr 1-to-1 sessions. Every individual will have their own unique challenges and goals. All programmes are tailored to individual needs.

I commit to all my clients that I will:

  • Build a strong and supportive relationship
  • Provide confidential space for discussion, thinking and reflection
  • Enable discovery of individual capabilities and potential
  • Challenge your thinking
  • Help focus on what’s important
  • Ask challenging questions
  • Hold you accountable

My coaching programmes include:

  • 1-to-1 Business Coaching for Business Owners, CEOs, MDs, C-Suite, Senior leaders and high potential managers
  • Coaching for career returners – those re-joining the workforce after a career break
  • On-boarding coaching

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“I have a wealth of coaching experience having worked with senior executives and business owners from a variety of industries. I am a certified executive coach, having qualified with Barefoot Coaching and I am accredited with the International Coaching Federation. With a background as an Olympic athlete, I worked with elite coaches in professional sport for 20 years. I draw on many lessons learned from the world of high performance sport and bring that expertise to my coaching”

Anna Hemmings MBE


“Anna has become an objective sounding board for many professional challenges. She holds me accountable to take the steps I need, while also being compassionate about the realities of corporate life. Anna has really helped me maintain focus and achieve impact in the areas that are important to me.”

Ciara O’Brien, Vice President Global Planning, Analytics and Customer Experience, Unilever

"Anna has been an incredible coach. She worked with me during the height of lockdown, providing me with tools to help me cope with an unprecedented working envrionment. As a direct consequence of my work with Anna I am now performing beter than I ever have, I can work through issues quickly and effectively with confidence." 

Rebecca Lewis, Senior Development Manager, Morgan Sindall Investments

"Working with Anna is fabulous and so rewarding. I have learnt so much, my confidence has grown as well as my leadership skills. I have become super comfortable with the fact that as a good leader self-awareness is key. I will never cease to strive to be better, to learn from thos around me, to be honest, transparent and share my vulnearabilities to push forward together and inspire those around me. Thank you Anna."

Rachael Conway, Global Lead of Talent Capabilities and Learning, UCB Pharmaceuticals

"Thank you for the guidance you have given me so far, it has been transformational for my mindset."

Hanna Elsy, Founder and CEO, Hannah Elsy Productions

“Anna’s distinctive and uncomplicated approach to business coaching inspired me to clarify my goals, inspired me to think bigger and better and shift my focus onto higher revenue generating activities.

Anna formulated a clear analysis of my business and recommended a bespoke strategy. She coached me to develop powerful behaviours to build scale in my business. As a result, 2019 was my best year. Business grew 50% with an NOP of 64%. I would highly recommend Anna if you are looking for someone to help you build scale and grow your business with confidence" 

Charlotte Broadbent, Award Winning Brand and Style Expert, Speaker & TV Presenter

“Anna helped me create the space to think about what I wanted achieve and gain more clarity. I came away with actionable plans and a much clearer mindset on how to move forward with my business and personal challenges.”

Jennifer Corcoran, Award Winning LinkedIN Trainer and Consultant

Anna Sitting (Portrait)


“After just a couple of sessions with Anna, I noticed a marked improvement in my self-confidence and approach to difficult situations. For anyone wanting to improve their performance at work or life in general, I cannot recommend Anna enough!”

Immy Maqboul, Account Manager, PCCW Global

"The general reflections and personal insights from Anna's coacing has been hugely valuable. I now have a plan and positive approach targeting where I want to be and have already used these to motivate myself through some difficult conversations." 

Katy Bently, Head of Ventures, Deloitte LLP