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Meet Anna Hemmings MBE

Six time world champion, two time Olympian, and now a world class keynote speaker, entrepreneur, workshop facilitator and leadership & high performance coach.

At her career peak, Anna was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Told she would never race again, she battled her way to full recovery...and three more world titles.

She learnt many valuable life lessons which she has become adept at translating to the business world. She now works with leaders and teams helping them develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours to deliver exceptional performance.

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"Anna’s speech was the highlight of the conference. Her storytelling was compelling and her authenticity really drew the audience in. Her material is something that we are using to help build on post conference with some very clear and tangible actions leaders can take for themselves and their teams to enable high performance.”

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Resilience & High Performance Specialist

Olympian & 6 X World Champion

Anna knows what it takes to get the competitive edge and compete at the highest level.

High performance coach and resiliency specialist

She speaks from personal experience of hard-won success and overcoming adversity.

Practical takeaways and actionable insights

Anna presents more than just an inspiring story, in her keynotes she reveals the thinking, methodology and techniques she used to become a world champion 6 times and how those strategies can be applied directly to the business world.

Follow-up workshops, breakouts and 1:1 coaching

Build on Anna's inpsirational speeches with an interactive masterclass or 1:1 coaching to embed learning and explore key themes in greater depth, helping delegates to apply them to their own lives for enhanced confidence and exceptional performance.

Elite Sport PLUS Business = Success

Anna’s unique combination of experience in elite sport combined with 14 years leading a successful business and working alongside senior Directors in blue chip companies, gives her a broad understanding of the challenges that leaders and teams face and how to overcome them to deliver outstanding results.  

Tailored keynote for your organisation

Anna works with you to tailor her content for maximum impact at your event. 

18 years of experience as an Inspirational Speaker

Anna's speeches have been enjoyed and valued by audiences in more than 40 different countries and across a variety of industries

“It was one of the best motivational talks translating high performance in sports into the business world that I’ve heard. We are all going into the weekend with many wonderful insights and a spring in our steps” 

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Keynote excellence tailored to your needs

Infusing the business world with the
secrets of sporting success

Anna knows what it takes to perform – in sport, in business, on stage. She brings a wealth of experience and delights in talking about her core subjects - resilience, high-performance and resilient leadership – through the lens of business and elite sport.

Speech Topics


Getting The Competitive Edge

Exceptional individuals are not born they are made. Anna’s mission is to provide clients with the key skills and mindset required to succeed at the highest level. She shares simple, practical and powerful tools to help others perform at their best and become exceptional in everything they do.

  • What does a winning mindset look like and how to develop it
  • The performance cycle – embedding this in the heart of a high performance culture in order to deliver enhanced performance and better results consistently
  • Techniques for thinking correctly under pressure
  • Top 10 attitudes that champions adopt  and the behaviours and actions that bring them to life
  • Strategies for sustaining high performance and constant and never-ending improvement

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Resilience: Success In The Face Of Adversity

Helping individuals, leaders and teams to build resilience in order to sustain high performance and deliver results in the face of pressure and adversity.

Anna presents highly effective and practical techniques, these valuable and actionable insights are brought to life through inspiring personal anecdotes from her journey in sport and business.

  • Learn simple and effective strategies to immediately boost your resilience
  • Be less reactive, think more clearly and make logical decisions under pressure
  • Build emotional control
  • Managing perspective and focus of attention in the face of setback and distractions
  • Create strategies for balancing stress and recovery and building long term sustainability
  • Techniques for overcoming adversity and growing from it

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The Resilient Leader's Toolkit

The businesses who survive and thrive through periods of adversity and rapid change are the ones who have resilient leaders who drive them forward. Resilient leaders are more effective under pressure, have the ability to think clearly and strategically in the face of challenge and create opportunities for growth. Using her journey as an Olympian, Anna will explore the Resilient Leaders Elements model to reveal the behaviours and strategies that leaders need to deliver outstanding results.

  • Handle pressure and make great decisions when it counts
  • Create clarity of direction so that people know where they are going and why
  • Develop leadership presence
  • Build confidence to navigate uncertainty and change
  • Understand the internal motivational drivers of those you lead

“Anna not only impressed but inspired +4000 people around the world with her amazing story and powerful messages. She is a great communicator and above all, someone who has a strong capacity to connect with people.” 

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“My mission is to make a positive impact on everyone in the audience, to provide them with simple yet powerful and practical strategies that they can take away and apply immediately in their world.”

If you are ready to discuss your next event and understand more about how Anna can work with you, then get in touch. 

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