Resources to Get Comfortable With Healthy Conflict and Debate

Disagreeing with someone - especially the boss - should not spell disaster. Leaders need to establish trust in a team in order that everyone can have their say, even if their say goes against the grain.

If people don’t get a chance to speak up and share their opinion then there will be a false harmony – the elephant in the room which everyone walks around but no one says this is actually what we need to talk about.

But when people have had their chance to speak and truly feel heard they’re more likely to commit to a decision for the greater good.

In this video, I talk with ‘Dragon’ and Diary of a CEO podcast host Steven Bartlett about how healthy conflict is encouraged in high-performing teams.

Listen to the full podcast.

Anna’s famous speech on ‘Building High Performing Teams’ includes how to encourage healthy conflict and debate for more innovative and creative ideas. Other key themes are:

  • What does a high-performance culture look like and how to develop it
  • The importance of focusing on collective results
  • Embracing accountability for enhanced performance, higher standards and quality of work
  • Why trust is at the foundation of a high-performing team and how to build it

Anna’s simple, practical and powerful tools for high-performing teams are a fusion of the latest research and science of performance together with pioneering principles from the world of elite sport for developing high-performance teams in the business world.

These valuable insights are brought to life through inspiring personal anecdotes from Anna’s journey in sport and business.

The core of this speech is built around the framework of the 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Model (for which Anna is an accredited trainer).

For more information or to book Anna to speak at your next event or to help your team become super high performing then please get in touch with us.




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