The Big Success Podcast: How To Use Mistakes and Responsibility from 6 x World Champion Anna Hemmings

It was a pleasure and an honour to be invited to Brad Sugars, ‘Big Success Podcast’. Brad is an internationally renowned entrepreneur, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and the world's #1 business coach, has led 9+ companies and owns the multimillion-dollar ActionCOACH® franchise.

As you can imagine, we discussed many things related to success, one of the first questions he asked me was, ‘How does success happen?’ (6’03 in the podcast)

In my mind, it’s all to do with mindset, ultimately your mindset determines your success. For me as an athlete this was about asking what else do I need to do or do differently so I can be better today, to make my boat go faster than it did yesterday? In my case it wasn’t just the physical training, it was also doing the mental training every day, eating the right foods every day, stretching and maximising recovery, every day.

Winning isn’t because of a few good things that you do once-in-a-while. Winning and delivering your best is about hard work and consistently doing the right things right - all of the time, every day, week in week out so it becomes a habit.

It’s about consistency because consistent behaviours have a profound impact on performance.

One of my other favourite topics that we discussed was teamwork and the importance of trust. (20’09 in the podcast)

The idea that trust is essential for high-performing teams is indeed widely recognized, but the concept of building vulnerability-based trust is an important one that may not be as commonly understood.

Creating vulnerability based trust involves being willing to be open and transparent with teammates, admitting mistakes and weaknesses, and asking for help when needed. This type of trust is rooted in the belief that team members have each other's best interests at heart and can rely on one another for support without fear of judgment or reprisal.

I’ve discovered in the teams that I coach today, that when team members feel safe to be vulnerable, they are more likely to collaborate openly, communicate effectively, and support each other's growth and development.

If teams are willing to embrace vulnerability-based trust, they will unlock their full potential and achieve greater success together.

Other topics we discussed include:

  • Importance of goal setting
  • Having a plan
  • Being able to adapt then things don’t go according to plan
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Building resilience

Listen here to gain a deeper understanding on my perspective on the psychology behind success.

These are common themes that I discuss in my keynote speeches, if you’d like to discuss how I could add value and support your next event, please get in touch.

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