Constant and Never-ending Improvement

When I won my first World title I knew immediately that I wanted to do it again, because success is addictive! I also knew that the same performance would not be good enough to win next time. Sport like the business world is constantly changing, performance levels and standards are always rising. You’ve got to be constantly moving forward, exploring boundaries, continuously innovating.

But when we achieve success we can get complacent and that’s when you get overtaken by your rivals, so a little acronym that I used is CANI, it stands for Constant and Never-ending Improvement, which is what I was always striving for.

A winning mindset assumes improvement is always possible, you just need to force yourself and your team to find out how.

This is just one of the topics that I discussed with Maria Franzoni on the Speaker Show, other themes included:

  • Building Resilience
  • Key actions and behaviours of resilient leaders
  • Tips for performing under pressure
  • How to boost motivation
  • Overcoming setbacks
  • Developing the winning Mindset

You can watch the interview here

Or Listen on Apple podcasts:
The Speaker Show: Constant and Never Ending Improvement with Anna Hemmings on Apple Podcasts




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