School presentations

Anna has been visiting schools and universities for over 15 years and has
gained a reputation as world class speaker.

Anna believes that every individual has a talent and an ability to achieve their dreams and ambitions.

Her tale of triumph over adversity inspires children to aim high, to believe in themselves and realise that anything really is possible. Anna does a fantastic job of relating to the children, understanding how to motivate young minds and speak to them on their level.

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Key messages in Anna’s inspirational speeches


Anna is passionate about spreading the research that Professor Carol Dweck has conducted on Growth Mindset. Anna enjoys sharing the message that talent is not enough and that success comes from a Growth Mindset, which is about seeking challenges and learning continuously. It’s about believing that no matter how good you are or how talented you are, you can always improve through hard work and practice.

  • Aiming High
  • Never Give Up Attitude
  • Building Resilience
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges
  • The power of dreams and goals
  • Determination and courage

Anna’s presentations are enjoyed by pupils, parents and staff alike and leave them speaking about the presentation for a long time afterwards.

Anna is available for:

  • Awards/Presentation evenings
  • Assemblies
  • Sports Days
  • Event Hosting
  • Healthy Lifestyle events
  • Gifted and Talented sessions

“Anna was absolutely fabulous! One of the best speakers I have seen in a long time. She captivated and inspired the young ladies in my school community. I was delighted by her performance.”

Ciara Warnock, Headteacher, St Ursula’s School