Peak Performance Programme

Do you want to improve focus, confidence and your ability to manage anxiety and pressure? Do you know how to relieve stress during a pressure moment in competition? Do you have the skills to quickly and effectively refocus after a setback or mistake?

These are some of the key skills that are essential for a more controlled, consistent and optimal performance. If you need help in any of these or other areas of your mental and emotional game or if you simply want a competitive edge then Anna’s peak performance programme is for you.

As an Olympian and 6-x World Champion Anna understands the challenges and barriers to elite performance and she brings a wealth of personal experience and expertise, having been there and done it and now trained in it. The programme provides athletes with simple, yet very effective techniques for improved performance. By combining emotional management and mental skills training with objective measurement from biofeedback technology, athletes can quickly learn to alter their emotional, mental and physiological state to perform at their best under challenging conditions.

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

Anna is one of a few sports performance coaches in the UK trained in the specialist area of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback (Anna trained at the Toronto Institute of Biofeedback). This specialism that uses cutting edge science and technology enables Anna to monitor an athlete’s muscular tension, stress levels, brain states, respiration and heart rates and provide tangible evidence to the athlete.  Anna then teaches the athletes how to apply a range of techniques to manage these different challenges and ultimately produce a consistent high level of performance.

Olympic athletes/teams (particularly in USA and Canada), professional golfers (e.g. Jason Day and Justin Rose), footballers (teams including Chelsea, Manchester United, AC Milan and Barcelona FC) and tennis players (e.g. Novak Djokovic and Milos Raonic) are now using biofeedback and neurofeedback and applying these scientifically proven techniques to consciously train and control their body and mind for optimal performance.

Feedback Venn Diagram

The holistic approach that Anna uses helps athletes to access an optimal performance
state more frequently.

The Measurable State Diagram

Tailored to suit the individual needs of the athlete

Anna recognises that every athlete is different and therefore a different approach is adopted for each person depending on the results of the initial assessments, their strengths and weaknesses and the characteristics of the sport. Anna has spent many years working with athletes from a variety of sports including individuals and teams from:

With Anna’s programme you will maximise your potential by learning to:

  • Make performance automatic with ritualised routines
  • Manage performance anxiety, pressure and excitability
  • Improve focus and concentration during stressful moments during training or competition
  • Improve teamwork and communication and maintain perspective
  • Decrease “mental chatter” and manage self-talk
  • Increase confidence and self-control
  • Regain focus quickly following a setback
  • Effectively recover so that you optimise energy and sustain performance

Skill acquisition together with real-time objective biofeedback empowers athletes, builds confidence and gives them greater focus in their preparation and performance.

Options for Peak Performance training with Anna:

  • Psychological profile and biofeedback assessment, introduction to the programme: 2hr
  • 1hr face to face sessions
  • 1hr skype/facetime session
  • 4-6 session packages, combination of face to face/online i.e. skype/facetime to suit the individual
  • Group/team workshops 1.5hr, half day or 1 day on techniques and topics tailored to the group (e.g. mental toughness, pre-performance preparation, confidence and focus, resilience etc.)

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“In order to deliver medal winning performances, athletes need to remain calm, alert and focused on the goal even when pandemonium is occurring all around them. I want to help athletes produce those performances and fulfil their potential.”

Anna Hemmings MBE

Anna Sitting (Portrait)


“The use of the ‘Mind Room’ in professional football reflects the broadening acceptance and application of biofeedback and neurofeedback as an integral part of the training for those whose performance must be optimal during times of extreme stress.”

Extract from: The ‘Mind Room’ in Italian Soccer Training, Vietta Wilson, Sports Psychologist

“HeartMath and biofeedback has been really useful for keeping calm and maintaining focus.”

Ali Young, Laser Radial Sailing, 5th place – London 2012 Olympic Games

‘Today was a massive break-through for me; I finished at 5 under on the Wentworth West Course.  I have not shot a round like this in the last 3 years, in practice or tournament conditions. The inner calm I felt during my round was unbelievable, using the techniques.  I am so thankful to you for introducing me to these fantastic tools.’

Stuart Cartwright, European Tour Golf Pro

“Anna’s status as a double Olympian and 6 x world champion gives her a great deal of street-cred in the eyes of the players. The feedback has been very positive and we certainly found it very useful in highlighting the importance of being able to take control of your emotions and bodies during stressful situations.”

David Walsh, Coach, AFC Wimbledon

Anna Sitting (Portrait)

“These techniques have had a real impact on me and the athletes I train. Using the Heartmath/biofeedback techniques has really impacted their performance, giving them a clear route to the ‘zone’ and a coherent physiological and emotional state that increases the likelihood of them competing to the very best of their ability.’

Michael James, LTA Master Performance Coach, Director of Tennis, Everyball International Academy