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Context and Challenge

Overbury and Morgan Lovell approached Beyond the Barriers with the intention of creating and delivering a universally applicable course to help raise performance levels across the business. Having just launched a new performance management process a lot of feedback from the business was that people just wanted help to do their jobs better. Training in the business had been largely limited to compliance type courses so developing something fresh and inspiring was central to their requirement.

The Solution

After spending time in the business and getting a better understanding of the environment and challenges staff face, we developed a 2 day Exceptional Performance course.  We blended theory from performance psychology and science with leading edge tools and technology from the world of sport. Using personal anecdotes and video content from sport helped to bring theory to life in a credible and easily relatable way.  Day 1 was focused on bringing the best of yourself to work and Day 2 focused on working effectively in teams. The overall intent was to give people simple and practical tools and frameworks, and give the business a common language, to help raise their performance individually and in teams.

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Comments from Nick Faith – Training and Development Manager

Working with Beyond the Barriers has been incredibly positive for us. They had a great set of base materials and were extremely flexible in reshaping these into ‘our’ course. Being able to leverage their sporting pedigree has added another level of credibility to the content. This course is absolutely first class and I would rate this content right up there with the best I have seen from other organisations.


The Beyond the Barriers team are fantastic and have been incredibly effective facilitators. Added to this they have worked extremely hard to get to know us and re-code their language to resonate with our audience which makes such a big difference.


I would recommend Beyond the Barriers to anyone. The experience to date has been fantastic. We continue to work with Beyond the Barriers and together we have just launched an Exceptional Conversations course which has got off to a flying start!

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