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Context and Challenge

National Grid is an international electricity and gas company. Employees are widespread across the nation, with a mixture of office and field based staff. Errors in this industry come at a high cost and therefore focus, concentration and high energy levels are vital. However, like most industries the demands and pressures are increasing and without the right tools to cope this can compromise performance and energy.

The Solution

Anna and her team at Beyond the Barriers spent time understanding the industry and the organisation as well as the barriers to performance, energy and health. Together with the health and safety team they developed a series of energy management programmes. These were delivered initially at the senior leadership and Director level both in the UK and US and then cascaded down.

There were 3 key components to the energy management programme:

  • Energy In – understanding the importance of nutrition and how to use food to fuel your body and brain to function optimally
  • Energy Capacity – building exercise and movement into your daily life to manage energy and increase overall energy capacity
  • Energy Renewal – understanding the importance of rest and recovery, improving sleep and building small amounts of energy renewal into your day.

The impact

The workshop series was a great success and the feedback incredibly positive.

“Beyond Barriers delivered an excellent and thought provoking series of workshops as part of National Grid’s Leadership programme. Beyond the Barriers made a compelling case for healthier living, providing straightforward, practical advice on those actions we could take to improve our energy and general well-being – making us much more effective and fulfilled in the workplace and, of course, at home.”
George Mayhew, Director of Corporate Affairs, National Grid

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