Beyond the Barriers

Giving people the tools to get beyond their barriers to improve health and optimise performance


Health & Wellbeing * Mental Resilience * Peak Performance


Since retiring from sport Anna became the founder of Beyond the Barriers – a company dedicated to improving the health and performance of individuals and organisations in business and sport.




We use the lessons learned from elite sport and preventative medicine to optimise performance. Our tailored corporate programmes are designed around three fundamental components – health and wellbeing, mental resilience and peak performance. We inspire and educate employees through motivational seminars and interactive workshops and can fast-forward personal development through one-to-one coaching.

·          Enhance performance under pressure
·          Discover techniques for stress reduction and improving resilience
·          Improve employee wellbeing and morale
·          Improve performance through effective energy management
·          Engage and motivate employees


Visit the Beyond the Barriers website for full details on our health and performance programmes
Our sports programmes revolve around the HeartMath system – a set of scientifically proven tools and techniques usedby elite athletes from Olympic sports to professional golf, football and cricket to manage emotions and perform under pressure. HeartMath is validated by 20 years of science and research and is backed up by real time bio-feedback technology.
The HeartMath techniques help athletes to:
  1. Increase your awareness of how your thoughts and emotions affect your body and the impact that can have on your performance
  2. Get in the zone for optimal performance intentionally and at anytime
  3. Eliminate negative and inefficient emotional undercurrents
  4. Effectively manage anxiety, pressure and excitability
  5. Increase confidence and self control
  6. Regain energy for optimal performance
  7. Improve your focus during stressful moments whether it be during training or competition
  8. Effectively recover so you optimise energy and sustain performance
We deliver workshop for athletes to learn the tools and techniques, we do one-to-one coaching and we also offer a HeartMath sports certification for sports professionals who want to train and get certified to teach their athletes the HeartMath System in a one-to-one setting. 
For more information go to the HeartMath sport pages of our website.