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British Duo Make Strong Case


Olympic veteran and prodigy join forces for Beijing.
Anna Hemmings accepts that the tag of "old and new, borrowed and blue" could be applied to her en route to Beijing.



Eton and its college captures the imagination


Britain´s leading female marathon canoeist, Anna Hemmings is inspired by the great school...



Anna Hemmings - Blazing Paddles


Long distance canoeing isn´t a sport for the faint-hearted, but in Anna Hemmings we have pretty much the best there is in the world.



Hemmings´ way is hard to follow


With the recent cold snap, the thought of canoeing on the Thames was about as attractive as the singer Amy Whinehouse after a night on the tiles....



Olympic Hopefuls


As the countdown to the Olympics continues, London Sport brings you six more Brits aiming to bring back glory from Beijing



Bloggers banish the keyboard


Voice recognition is being used to update websites remotely...
Anna Hemmings,Britain´s current world champion, updates her blog by voice..



The Portfolio: Training days


Olympic golds are won in Beijing in August, but the hard work is done now in the dark days of winter. Here, Britain´s great hopes show what it takes to go that extra mile.


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