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 "Anna is a brilliant speaker- the audience was completely engaged, inspired and motivated - I was spellbound. The feedback from this event is the best I've ever had. Anna has the ability to tell a great story whilst making useful connections to personal and business issues. There were many thought provoking ideas generated and we're still referring back to the lessons learnt from her story several weeks after the event.

- Naomi Climer, Vice President, SONY PSE


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As a six times world champion canoeist and highly accomplished motivational speaker Anna Hemmings knows what it takes to succeed. She is adept at taking the lessons learned in sport and relating them back in to the business environment. Her story of commitment, self-belief and success in the face of adversity translates well in every arena because she has the ability to connect with, inspire, entertain and motivate audiences across the board.


In April 2003 Anna was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and told by medical experts that she might never race again. Despite being told there was no solution, Anna's 'never give up' attitude, along with Reverse Therapy treatment enabled her to make a full recovery. Between 2005 and 2007 she went on to win a hat-trick of three world titles in a row and to become an Olympian for the second time, competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Anna has a total of eleven World and European Championship medals, confirming her status as Britain's most successful ever female canoeist.  

Why Anna?


"Anna is able to take examples from the very competitive world of sports and use them as great tools that can be applied to business and personal endeavours.”
- Mary Kay Galvin, Assistant Director, Canon USA, Inc


Anna Hemmings is a motivational speaker who talks from the heart; she is warm, funny, direct and on target. She’s on a mission to inspire and equip people to think differently, to feel empowered, to take immediate action and to produce better results. Anna’s story of success in the face of adversity gives people hope, strength and the understanding that anything really is possible. Anna’s exciting journey is not only inspiring but it also highlights the success strategies that helped her rise to the top.  Her ability to keep reinventing herself and continually moving her performance to a higher level was one of the keys to her success. She realised early on that what you achieve this year, in sport and in business will never be good enough next year; you have to strive for constant and never-ending improvement. Anna demonstrates with simple tools and techniques how these strategies can be applied to anyone in any situation as a useful means to increase production, profitability and success.

Key themes include:


  • Motivation and SMART goals for peak performance
  • How to develop unwavering self-belief, break through mental barriers and build confidence
  • Mastering the art of thriving on pressure and develop an ability to perform at high levels even in the face of tight deadlines, stretching goals and changing demands.
  • Building resilience and mental toughness
  • Getting the work-life balance right: an holistic approach to maximising performance
  • Utilising the power of your mind: visualisation, self-talk and mindset
  • Getting out of your comfort zone and striving for 'constant and never-ending improvement' (CANI)

Anna specializes in inspiring people who she engages with her story, presenting her motivational speech at conferences, seminars and workshops - she will ensure that you have your requirements tailored for whatever the occasion and whoever the audience. The same level of commitment that Anna put into her sport is carried through into every speaking project too. She makes sure that she fully understands the audience, the company and their industry; ensuring that each event’s requirements are individually accommodated for.


”Following the completion of a detailed and thorough pre meeting brief Anna tailored her message in line with my objectives for the session and the result was more than a complelling story; it was a compelling and relevant business message. I highly recommend Anna for any corporate function."

- Brendan Lynch, Director Wholesale Markets, Virgin Media Business



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